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Born, Lostorf, Switzerland 1970

ETH Master degree in Architecture, dipl. Arch ETH Zürich 1991-1997

Stay in USA, working for Selldorf architects, NYC 1994-1995

Studies at ETSAB, Barcelona, Spain 1995-1996

Differents works for Fischer Architects, Zürich 1991

Installations and furnitures for Mark Markheim, NYC 1994

Artspace and gallery for David Zwirner, NYC

Migrol gazstation for Fischer Architekten 1995

Works and installations with artist and photographer Katharina Rippstein

Exhibition at the Kunsthaus Solothurn

Founding of EDIT, visualisations 1997

Project „Klinik“, Freigutstrasse, Zürich 1998

Organisation, realisation of Art and Theater

Realisation of different furnitures

Competition Casino, Winterthur, 1. rank 1999

Project maison longue, Bages, F

Developing and realisation of the Gallery-Moduls for ART Fair „Basel-Miami Beach“ 2000

Competition, urban gardening|green house, Zürich, 3. rank

Portfolio Management for UBS bank

Different Projects and competitions 2001-2007

Competition Landesmuseum, Zürich

Developing and realisation of children daycare center „Zypresse2, Zürich

Competition school and gym, Andeer

Developing of instant offices, Zürich for Regus

Freelanceship for Hannes Wettstein | zed. , novartis campus competition, 3. rank, 2003

Developing and realisation of singlefamilyhouse Hardturmstrasse 216, Zürich

Interior design and corporate architecture for ONE marketing services, Zürich

Interior design, corporate design for Hilda design matters agency, Zürich

Freelanceship for p.arc, international 2008

Projectmanager for head office RTL in Luxemburg

Projectmanager for head office Max Planck institut, Köln, Germany

Different works for Wellmann architects, Zürich 2009

Since 2007 lectureship at ZHdK, Zurich University of the Arts 2007-2017

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